Friday, January 15

Bathroom Makeover

This is was our bathroom before
Here's the plan - Get rid of the bathtub, install glass mosaic tiles in the shower area and add glass block half-wall to separate the shower area.
Hidden mirror inside the wall?

Bathroom - totally gutted. The floor was rotted and wood needed to be replaced in some spots.
We made two little ledges into the wall for the shampoos and stuff. I did the tile again but realized that this time it was much more difficult to get it straight. Got the tile again from www.cooltiles.com. I looked at everything on clearance and found a nice yellowish color for $5.00 per sheet.
Thanks to our friends who helped at the end to get it done. Mirror - Thrift Store $2.00, Vanity cabinet - Thrift Store $5.00 Refinished it, sanded, stained, clear coated and waxed.
Storage was an issue, so in between two beams we left this opening for the rolled up towels.
And where that hidden mirror was, we created a tiled hole for.. well, there are always things to put there
It was hard to find a fexible shower head that mounts on the wall. Ordered it online.