Tuesday, February 23

Wooden Tile Wall

We used to have a mirror on that wall but decided to move it to a better location. I have heard that it's not recommended to have a mirror facing the door. Maybe it's just in my head but it really seemed like it reflected the energy back outside.
So we painted and framed the wall and decided to make wooden tiles. Wood gives a warm feeling as long as it not overwhelming.
We bought two 4x4 pine posts from the Home Depot and started chopping them into 7-8 mm tiles.
Using a chop saw, Brian made about 500 of them the house smelt like a lumberyard - love it! Then we sanded the edges. Any thinner tiles started to warp. 
I used a hot glue gun to put the tiles in place. they didn't always match up but somehow the pattern always stayed straight. It was a miracle .
The wooden tile gives the room such warmth now. I's been up for three days but I don't know how the raw wood will behave in the long run (expanding etc.) So it will be our little experiment.
UPDATE 3/3/10! Some tiles fell off, Elmers Glue is better. Thin ones warp a bit but nothing major.

Monday, February 8

Some Older Makeovers

We used to have a tiny apt in Fort Lee (love that town!) We needed a tiny couch and found this yellow one and turned it into a cow. I know I know, cow print is long overdue,.. still :)
This was a fun little side cabinet.

Tuesday, February 2

Scrap Wood Chest

My work room upstairs is finally done. I needed a place to put all my millions of fabrics and swatches. We figured this weird corner could hold a giant chest and all my materials would be in one place. From demolition in the room next to it, we had piles of beat-up 1x3's. So we decided to build a chest, using only scrap materials from the ceiling.
It looked like a pig crate at first :)
After we managed to make it durable enough, stained it ebony and added a lion head knocker for easy pulling. Looks pretty nice ay? Cost $0.00 plus the wheels and hinges of course.

Our baby Cash likes it too