Monday, October 3

Sikes Chair

On our way back from the rafting trip by Delaware, we stopped by at the antique shop on the way as usual. Saw the chair and bought it for $15 bucks. Later when I decided to work on it, I found a stamp underneath and did some research. Could be over 100 years old.
After applying the stain I was amazed at the contrasty pattern that formed due to a very old dense wood. I used a simple reinforced burlap to cover the new seat veneer.
A photographer friend Katrina Tang used my chair in her photo-shoot. 

Vintage Corner Table

With this one I got off with a rough start. Originally I wanted to glue wooden cookies all along the curved edge, making it look like a welded bolts. But the ones I ordered online (Awesome source by the way http://www.americanwoodcrafterssupply.com), were too big, soo I changed my plan and glued them to the feet. Even better? Then I had trouble get the paint stick to the laminated top. Had to sand everything off again and start over with a right primer! If anyone ever wants to paint laminate, this is your product! make sure to sand it first and clear coat at the end.


Little Rustic Fantastic Ottoman

I wanted to finish off all my coffee sacks and this was the last of them. The look goes awesomely with my rustic glam theme for this show in October